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Time To Fly

Achieve your life’s main goal and reach your potential

In Neil’s updated book, Time To Fly, “he uses a metaphor of flying to show us how we can raise our thinking and live at a higher altitude.” Robert Holden, Author of Authentic Success


Time To Fly will take you from stuck to moving and from motivated to inspired. It is a jargon-free guide to improving your life and your work. Neil's unique view of human behaviour based on 30 years of coaching top sports stars and global corporations, combined with his research into the human condition, will ensure that you will see yourself and your world differently.


Thanks to his practical approach this book is packed full of insights, tips, and strategies that you can use immediately. Maybe now is your time to fly!


If this book does one thing it will give you the confidence to make strategic changes in your life and work. It is revelatory, brilliant, insightful, and yet easy to read and implement. His clear advice and invaluable tools will help you to inject passion into your life and get moving, see you on the ledge!”

Debbie Deegan | Founder of To Russia With Love | UNESCO Award Winner | International Person of The Year

"Neil has inspired me to fly in my own work and life. His wisdom comes straight from the heart and his teachings are for everyone. This book is guaranteed to get you out of your comfort zone and fly. Neil, you are an inspiration."

Ben Renshaw | Bestselling Author of Successful But Something Missing

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