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Time To Fly Podcast

A motivational speaker and founder of Time to Fly, Neil O’Brien has built a stellar reputation for helping people, business leaders and their teams through transformation by teaching them to embrace the small steps that lead to big—and lasting—changes. 

Neil wants everyone to understand and realise their potential. In order to do this, he first helps them to believe it’s there, irrespective of age or history. And once it’s emerged into their awareness, he provides people and organisations with precisely the tools they need to nurture it into the future, personally and professionally.  

In his weekly podcast Neil teaches us the building blocks of mindset and metal fitness we can practise to reach our potential. His great relatable sense of humour makes learning and remembering to implement easy. Join Neil as he shares stories of coaching golf stars and GAA teams and how he reminds us that we are all reach our full potential.

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