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Happy Blue Monday!

Over the Christmas period I carried out a small survey: I quoted the following to anyone I came in contact with and asked them for their reaction.

"I am who I am, your approval is not required"

It's a quote that has followed me for a while and as I was traveling with it I decided to share it with others. So read it again and then check what your response is. Do you like it or not? Does it make you feel empowered or otherwise? Would you ever use it?

The response from people was pretty consistent: It's a bit aggressive... confrontational.... almost angry.....a touch of F**K You!.....etc. We all agreed that the second part relating to approval distracts from the first part which is the truth in the statement.

We agreed that actually we only need the first part "I Am Who I Am" and the rest will take care of itself. And then one of my survey people, Mick, who traveled with the quote for a while sent me the following.

"I know where I am going and I know the truth, I don't have to be what you want me to be. I am free to be what I want to be" - Muhammad Ali.

In later newsletters, I will break this quote down and deal with 'knowing where you're going', 'knowing your truth', and taking a break from the toxic belief that you can't disappoint anyone.

Keep well, must fly ....


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