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Too Soon To Say

I noticed two things about the pandemic. Firstly there was a rush to give advice at the outset. People were queuing up with their 'top ten tips' or their 'crisis management strategies' or their 'what to do's'.

And the hilarious thing was all the posts started with how unprecedented this is. So I thought 'if it's unprecedented how can you have top ten tips?!?' That's like saying 'oh no we've been invaded by aliens.....anyway, here are my top ten tips for an alien invasion'. Hilarious. I'm beginning to wonder if there is too much coaching, too much advising and this is distracting us from trusting our own instincts. This will be another newsletter.

The second thing I've noticed is now a rush to what have we learned from the pandemic? It's too soon to say. We are still in it. The first thing needed is for some version of normality to return. Then, for about a year, we will do what we've missed out on. And it will be after that when the real truth will come out about how people actually struggled, how they have been affected, and then, we can look at what we can learn from this. I suggest that it will be about Spring 2023 when the real work will be just starting.

In the meantime get reassurance from wherever you can, trust your own instincts and keep in touch. If there is anything you'd like me to comment on or a topic you have an interest in, please let me know.

Must fly ....


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