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Mindset Coach, Champion of Human Potential

A motivational speaker and founder of Time to Fly, Neil O’Brien has built a stellar reputation for helping people, business leaders and their teams through transformation by teaching them to embrace the small steps that lead to big—and lasting—changes. 

Neil wants everyone to understand and realise their potential. In order to do this, he first helps them to believe it’s there, irrespective of age or history. And once it’s emerged into their awareness, he provides people and organisations with precisely the tools they need to nurture it into the future, personally and professionally.  

For Neil, mindset and mental fitness are the building blocks of potential; they’re the scaffolding that allow us to purposefully build a robust sense of who we are and what we’re capable of. He is clear, however, that ‘potential’ is not just about skills. It’s about using our natural talents and abilities to the fullest. And once we understand our potential—when we start to see what is possible—we make different choices that are better for us and for the organisations we’re part of. 

In his talks and courses with companies such as VHI, Google, Zurich and Irish Life, Neil’s empathy, humour and impressive insight win audiences over quickly, but the real impact of his work lies deeper, in the enduring benefits that come from having people and organisations that understand themselves better and work to their strengths. When that happens, Neil believes, it’s transformational at every level.  


You may want to go deeper into a topic for your audience. The keynote topics can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme.


Motivational:  Decommodifying Human Potential.  

Potential goes far beyond your ‘skills’. In this highly engaging keynote, Neil helps us to understand that each of us has unique potential. Importantly, he demonstrates that while the workplace might not always be the place to realise that potential, playing to our strengths can only make us happier and more productive at work and at home.  



Mental Fitness:  Tools And Habits To Nurture
Our Potential And Stay Mentally Resilient. 

Neil can tackle this topic in a one-off talk, a series of talks or workshops (virtual or physical) or a masterclass. In all instances, he alerts us to the cumulative power of small changes to effect deeper, more meaningful change in our work and personal lives.  


Stress Happens!—A masterclass in coping with stress and performing brilliantly under pressure.

This is for people and leaders who from time to time feel they are underperforming,  overwhelmed, and getting nowhere fast. This class covers a number of topics including - How to build habits and routines that increase your immunity to distress


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